Virtual Surgery 3

My “virtual surgery” event finally ended in the spring of this year and I can joyfully say I have had zero pain since then!

The theories of disc bulges describe how during the acute phase we feel unbelievable pain through one or both legs for weeks and sometimes months. Virtual surgery involves choosing to not have surgery by a surgeon, choosing to do 20-50 back extension exercises per day everyday and not bending at all costs, until the scab heals. I know, right? WTF. We all know what happens if we cut our finger at the moveable joint, where we like to bend it, if we keep ignoring the healing of the scab and continue to move and ignore it, the wound will just keep opening and the pain (body voice per se) will keep talking. Same analogy with disc anatomy and healing. This virtual surgery choice essentially allows the “dis- ordered” discs to gradually be pushed back into the spine and allowing the scab to heal. Seems so smart and simple…..ah but enter the human and behaviour, including me. Again, this virtual home program must be with close consult of a great practitioner, physiotherapist (PT)and a thoughtful chosen dream team. Lucky Ducky me.

In theory, while we allow the scabs to heal, the disc bulge pressure lessens on the sciatic nerves. This healing starts to slowly alleviate the pain, gradually starting to move from your feet to groin to butt - to low back...then POOF, the pain disappears. Really. It did. Thank the Gods!

This daily practice can take many weeks, mine took just over 2 months. At the end, I felt the worst pain in my low back for 3 days - I guess it has to get much worse before it gets better - and it did. I almost forgot about this last important factoid cause pain does change you in every way. Truth. For those last 3 days, I lost all rational processes and thought I would never get better. I could actually picture myself as clients/patients whom I had treated and assessed who were physically limping with a cane, all joy drained out of their faces. But not this time, not today! On the 3rd day the pain just went away POOF! Textbook theory - done! O M G! Jo Hurd was back.

I can now stand, saunter, urban walk, dance, sit, drive, put on my socks, spit toothpaste in the sink etc. without pain - but in a new mindful gentle way! Lesson learned. I have not had pain since May, knock knock knocking on wood. This grande experiment worked! Phew! The disc bulge “scab” was able to heal, and my controlled experiment concluded that it takes way more than 6 weeks to properly heal this type of life/work disorder. And yes, support, attitude and hope are also a key ingredients.

What were some of the functional and weird survival tips I learned? Stay tuned!

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