An Extreme case of Low Back Disorder (LBD)

Life is never boring.  In my passion for health and prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) aka pains and strains...I am surviving and dare I say thriving through recovery of  3 yes 3 low spine disc bulges.  I knowwwww, right? 

My life choice and experience working as a Registered Kinesiologist and living  a full extreme active life has allowed me to follow career choices that PREVENT or fix these disorders from happening.  My knowledge of disc bulges has been 1 disc bulge.  As my sister-in-law replied  "Jo, you are such an overachiever".  Talk about facing your fears.  Ain't Life Grand!! 

Stay tuned, I will be sharing what I have learned through this crazy horrible winter of 2018, and yes, there is much hope and beauty that did come out.  Of course.  If you have a history of a disc bulge or know someone,   I hope this blog will help you discover that there is another choice besides surgery, from living breathing fresh proof.

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