Why not me?

Great question....WTHell!.  As someone who is so passionate about anatomy, biomechanics, human movement....blah blah blah...how the hell did I catch this?  Family and friends were as confused as was I.  Some asking "Jo you are a Kinesiologist who has been trying to prevent this for over 30 years, WTH?"   "Hell then, there is no hope for me”.  I realized as a Registered Kinesiologist and practicing Ergonomics, I would be held up on some sort of pedestal and labelled as being immuned, how I wish.  Busted!!  Aren't titles funny?  I too am only human.

Being in "cat mode" for over 4 months allowed me to think about this, alot!  When the body has stopped, the mind gets to play more.  All I know is that no one is exempt from back disorders, ego in check. Laugh, cry, anger, quiet, all part of the process.

What have I learned in my little Kin world?  There is no immunity idol (survivor!).  It is a cocktail of life movements really.  Genetics, life demands, sports demands, work demands, lifestyle, just plain living.  I know this may not answer the question.  I can honestly say now that I know I am wiser for it and that my next posture choices are going to be that much better for me, for the next 40 years.  Thankful, shitty but powerful lesson.   

An inert life choice of always seeking better health (mental, physical, spiritual) seemed to help get me out of this "Everest".  Tissue was able to heal, I did a lot of deep breathing, medication  and meditation.  Eventually the pain left and hasn't come back

Physiology factoid: 

Ageing tissue has a lower tissue tolerance for our daily chosen physical demands.  I know right?  That magic age is ~ 48 years - no control over that.  If we do not change our mindset and lower our physical demands in life and work...our tissue - musculoskeletal tissue will TALK and balk!.  I now have assessed and lowered my physical and mental demands to get me to my next chapter.  New, fun life choices.

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Talk to you soon,