It’s about community and changing the way people feel at the end of their day.


Health is wealth.  The awareness of the importance of ease of movement through healthy postures, forces, and repetitions. 


Professional, Solopreneur, Registered Kinesiologist, Ergonomist, CRSP.


Jo Hurd's professional skills, education, safety certifications, solid reputation and experience bring what only a Registered Kinesiologist (R. Kin. #11744) and Canadian Registered Safety Professional (CRSP #05-2580) can bring; The study of human movement and fitting the task to the person - Kinesiology + Ergonomics a perfect combination.

OPS Clearance: C-0000134616

Jo loves getting right into the worker’s work zone, assessing at all levels; tangible, physical and psychological, bringing the root cause and feasible solutions to every challenge.

Hurd About Health is all about eliminating the high risks. Due diligence and reducing worker claims. Experience, awareness, functionality, root cause and risk management. 


Loved by businesses across Ontario




“Energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and motivating

Jo-Anne brings with her an energy and enthusiasm that is contagious and motivating. Coupled with her incredible depth of knowledge, and her extremely realistic and approachable personality ,  Jo-Anne blew away any and all expectations with the services she provides. I would not hesitate in any way to reach out again for Jo-Anne's assistance in the future!!!

— Mark L.

“Has always exceeded clients expectations”

Jo-Anne is a true health and safety professional, and has excellent interpersonal skills and has always exceeded clients expectations.

— Stephen H.