Hourly, Project or Retainer Fee


Risk Management - Office & Industrial Ergo Assessments

It's more than just the chair or work task.  These assessments will minimize the high risks and lower signs and symptoms of Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) whether it is in an office or industrial setting.


An active assessment includes a comprehensive, user-friendly report and/or a follow-up visit.

Length: 60-90 minutes on-site per assessment

Physical Demands Descriptions (PDD)

This assessment objectively documents the physical demands (PDD) of a specific job or task not the worker.  A good tool used in conjunction with Job Descriptions, CDAs, RTW, Disability Management, Functional Abilities Evaluations and modified work matching.  Every HR department should have up-to-date PDDs. 


On-site assessment, observations, interviews, report, documentation of any high risk tasks and follow-up

Length: 2-3 hours on-site

Cognitive Demands Analysis (CDA)

A good HR strategy encompasses a recent Physical Demands Description (PDD),and Cognitive Demands Analysis (CDA).  A CDA is a work specific objective evaluation of the cognitive and behavioural demands of a job.  There are 2 levels of CDAs, general (85%) and more complex RTW (15%). 


Document review, Observation, worker/supervisor interviews, rating system, certified.

Length: 2-4 hours on-site

Corporate Retainer Plan (1-3 year strategy)

The objective of this package is to develop a long-term relationship with the intention and strategy for injury reduction and cost savings. Cost savings of at least 10X the value within the first year of the cost of services from Hurd About Health Tailored to your needs.


Prevention is key for long-term sustainability. 


Monthly service: 5 hrs. on-site may include; assessments, meetings, consulting, exercise prescription for employees, teaching, and prep time. ( $700/month) 

Workshops & Public Speaking 

Hurd About Health offers a variety of workshop sessions based on the needs of your employees. Visit the Workshops page to view available topics. 


Is the topic you need not shown? Contact Hurd About Health for a tailored presentation that suits your conference.


Your team needs it.