Virtual Surgery 4

Now that my back had finally healed its scabs, and I had birthed triplettes, I was left with a very weak and physically smaller body. This past year felt like my inaugural “maternity leave”, the one I had not yet taken in this life. I was lucky to be at a point in my career that I was already into my 3rd year as an entrepreneur working my own consulting business in health and ergonomics - very timely because I had the BEST boss ever! Lol! This new way of working allowed me to work when it came and sloth, heal and live for the rest of the year of 2018. I won the work/live lottery! My health benefits plan was credit and man am I worth it!

Lighter body, how did that happen? Nerve pain was so bad, that eating was not my favourite thing to do. Organic bananas and grapes and small grazing of food lovingly delivered daily from my awesome tribe became my new norm. Months of this and I had lost close to 20 lbs.- what left my body was inflammation, some fat, a lot of muscle and 3 disc bulges (Faith, Hope and Grace).

I had to learn and trust to walk again and redevelop my core strength as the main start. Gone went my old workout habits of going to the gym to listen to grunting bodybuilders in hopes of getting in and out 40 minutes flat. Gone is the gym guilt of not going enough to validate my membership fees. WooHoo!

I have learned a new, efficient functional, safe and fun home strengthening routine that is getting me stronger everyday. I have also learned to stop my old habits of risky back bending and have incorporated new ways to do things, because I am never going back to that state again. Did you know it takes 21 days to change a habit? Life is so much better, because I am living and moving smarter “smrt”. Oh, and I am being kinder to myself.

Still pain free, December 28!

Stay tuned!

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