Virtual Surgery 1

The journey to going Virtual

My ~7 year low back disorder "Everest" of feeling a lot of pain at certain times, incidents and moments -  getting some medication, getting some physical therapy, getting stronger, changing things up, and returning back to work and life ASAP - I believe held those triplettes (3 disc bulges- Faith, Hope and Grace) at bay until they could not sit tight anymore.  My choices of fitness, health, nutrition, ergonomics, physical demands reduction and a passion for Kinesiology were ultimately tested.  I truly feel that my ever ingrained health choices prolonged the disorder for years and also on the more conclusive, helped my body's ability to finally heal.  I am now pain free still - I can honestly say it was all worth it, what a great learning experience, cup ever half full.  I can now objectively say there is hope to fully recovering from disc bulges and extreme sciatica, without the help of a surgeon.  If you choose to embark on this journey.  There is always hope, as I am living fresh proof, have you Hurd About Health? 

Nerve pain (sciatica) in both feet, so bad, is a whole other stimulus dimension.  This did happen to me in the winter of 2018 and ultimately stopped me from any movement.  The body never lies and will eventually get what it needs.  Pain really is a good thing - if you can sit in it and move through it - not jump around it with self medication and other distractions.   At this point I felt that I had to get quiet, shut-down literally and allow the ever picked "scabs" to heal.  I chose "Virtual Surgery".  I had exhausted all other options other than the typical surgery option.  Virtual Surgery is not the surgery we know, but a mental and physical approach to commit to not moving and acting as if you just had surgery, literally - picture a "back cast" or scars.  Wear it, live it virtually until the scab has healed, and this could mean months commitment.  This is what I chose not knowing if this experiment would work as I had never heard of this option being actually done.  With a lot of help from friends and family to do my daily tasks, I committed myself.  The Stigma of low back disorders and mental disorders for that matter, is that we don't see scars, blood or a cast.  I learned that during this time, I had to gently remind myself and others that I had just had "virtual surgery" and still couldn't move.  As someone looking at me, you would think I was fine, but I wasn't yet healed from within.  Very cool and very scary.

I also committed to physically pushing the 3 disc bulges back into my spine where they belonged - ouch!  Virtual Surgery meant no bending forward for anything.  Think about how many daily tasks involve bending forward....brushing your teeth - spitting into the sink, putting on shoes, socks, sitting, doing dishes, driving...and so the adventure began..

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