Virtual Surgery 2

I chose "virtual surgery".  A very scary and unknown concept personally, but I knew I did not want the "cutting surgery" .  I had to try another option.  I had nothing to lose at this point.  What I had seen and read in terms of outcome and prognosis for the typical surgery,  I knew that I could not go there.  Not everyone may have the freedom and support system to choose this option but the planets were aligned for me last winter of 2018. 

Choosing virtual surgery only works with the following practical tips: you must call on your friends, tribe, family, neighbours, spouse or partner to help and do the daily life tasks such as buying food, feeding your pet, doing your laundry, dishes, shovelling, basically all life tasks and skills. 

You need good listeners.  Short, task-oriented visits because you must not move and expend any unnecessary energy .  You are basically growing a new back and body.  You must sleep like a sloth - sleep is your new sport.  Only deep REM (Repetitive Eye Movement) sleep can actually heal your tissue (ligaments, muscles, discs, nerves, brain tissue). Baic physiology factoid. Go to bed!

Take the medication you are do need it.  Don't try to be a hero.  During my 2 months of going silent and still...I felt “cat-like” I don't have 10 cats, but I do have 1 awesome Maine Coon.  I went "cat-like" in that I needed to hide, keep quiet and sleep ~ 18 hours/day.  Nerve pain is not like any other pain I have ever felt.  This pain changes you if you don't commit to healing it.  I now have even more sympathy and empathy for those I have treated and continue to treat as an Ergonomic/Health Specialist.  Nerve pain magnifies your sensitivity to foods, noise, light and people lol....truly.    

On a larger scale, the pharmaceutical world pushes medication for everything we feel, a cold, headache etc.  These drugs actually stop us from doing what the body needs to do...feel it and heal it!  Am I repeating myself?...that too comes with nerve pain, oh and swearing.   Our bodies are amazing if we listen to them, the body never lies.  Embrace pharma during the acute stages and don't move, a much better plan.  We should not live on vitamin "I" aka ibuprofen.

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 Talk to you soon, pain free still,